What is TOOTO3DScan ?

Our company offers 3d scans that:

  • are cleaned
  • have a pleasant topology
  • have polygroups (zbrush only)

We are experts in the field of games and animation, in which we have worked for 12 years. Because of this, our experience combined with technology make a product that is easy to use in the process of making a character, animation, and graphics for your game. Thanks to our product you will speed up the creation process significantly. You will be able to dedicate the saved time and energy to what is most important: bringing an individual character to your game, as well as to your graphics.

Our offer is dedicated for anyone who cares about the quality of their 3d objects while saving the production time. Our products will allow your company a more successful adaptation of the 3d technology. This will help create a better-looking and more professional game and graphics. Our offer saves your team’s time, as well as money, while maintaining excellent quality. The aim of TOOTO3DScan is to make the production process easier, as well as to assist during prototyping, which will make the production process more efficient. Your success will be our satisfaction and motivation to improve and to make our solutions more interesting.

We paid a lot of attention to preparing a pleasant topology. Because of this, at the SubD level Zbrush model our products are easier to fit to your basic character. You don’t have to fight with moving the scan with a dense subdivide level. Additionally, while creating a prototype, it is possible to use the topology of the 1 subD in order to scan the character and use it in your game engine.

The model you are getting from us is a cleaned scan: 6 SubD level Zbrush model

Those of you who don’t use Zbrush will additionally get:

  • 100k decimate of volume
  • 1 SubD low poly volume + base uv

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