Hello !

Hello and welcome! We are very excited to present our new service, where we offer a wide range of 3d scans.

Our great product is dedicated to individual artists, freelance designers of games, animations, and visualizations, as well as to anyone who values their time and wants to work with products of high quality. We simply give you a chance to move your models to a higher level – next gen models at an attractive price!!! We offer semi-products, which will take your product to new heights of fully professional artistic work!

Let us do the tiring, uncreative work, so that you can focus on the artistic feeling, beautiful details, and making your creative work have an individual character!! To every scan we attach professionally prepared low poly models, which will, as we hope, be very useful in next stages of work. Won’t it be fantastic to have this uncreative stage of work done for you?

We put all of our efforts to make sure that the scans are well prepared and cleaned, so that working with this material is a pleasure for you. We’re also working on preparing a theme series, which can meet your various needs.

We are also open to your suggestions, advice and requests, if you decide that we are missing something in our store. Don't hesitate to contact us - all of your constructive criticism will be well perceived and very helpful.

In the blog section we will keep you up-to-date about new arrivals. We will offer you technical tips, tutorials and articles, which, as we hope, will make your work easier, faster, and most importantly, will make it more fun for you. This will save you time that you will be able to spend with your close ones, or go out for a walk or party.

Our goal is to create a large library of scans, professional 3-D objects in great technology, yet available at a low price, so that each of you can produce your own graphics, games, and animations without putting much money into it.

We assure you that we will develop the content and each week there will be more new, interesting offers, so that each of you will be able to find what you're looking for. We have been thinking about creating such an online store with 3-D scan models for a few years now. A store that would offer an easy, quite cheap, and easily accessible material for further artistic work. Different life circumstances haven’t let us fulfill this dream until now

We’ve put a lot of work, love, and effort into this project. We are a small group of professional artists, who are at the development stage. So at the same time we're asking you not to share our products online. The money we make we want to invest in further development of our service, making the base wider, and building tutorials.

Let's help each other!