Privacy and Cookie Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the principles of processing and protection of personal data submitted by Users in connection with their use of Tooto3dDScan services. Tooto’s website owner Daniel Komuda is the administrator of personal data in accordance with the rules in place in the Polish Republic.

The processing of the users’ data given at the registration process is based on the consent expressed by the user, it takes place in accordance with the rules and on the basis of applicable law.

The user confirms the authenticity and truthfulness of the data contained in the registration form. Tooto3D Scan is not responsible for the authenticity of information and data provided by Users or information about Users shared with others. The Tooto3D Scan notes that there is no way to verify them as to the actual state.
The database of users’ personal data is subject to legal protection. Concerned about the security of data entrusted to us, we have developed internal procedures and recommendations to prevent the release of information to unauthorized persons.

Personal data may be forwarded to the cooperating parties from the service -eg. payment if it is required in order to provide our service or to manage and maintain the agreements with users.

We respect the privacy of our customers and users thus we do not disclose or sell personal information. All the information will be used solely for the purpose of processing transactions, contacting and keeping the users informed in reference to our services or in order to resolve problems reported by users.

As a user of our site, you can receive notifications from Tooto3dDScan, information about our services, news, occasional letters, and newsletters.

The Website may have links to other websites. We also use social plugins from social networks like, etc.- the information is transferred directly from the browser their sites and stored there. Such websites are independent of Tooto3dDScan service and are not in any way supervised by Tooto3dDScan. These sites may have their own privacy policies and regulations which we recommend you to get familiar with.

You have the right to have access to your personal information and the right to edit, correct and request to remove it. Utilizing the right to remove your own data from the Tooto3D Scan system is tantamount to deregistering and terminating the agreement. Upon deletion of the User Account, Tooto3D Scan will permanently and permanently erase the User's data, thereby ceasing the processing of the User's personal data. Tooto3D Scan has the ability to hold data such as the time and IP address of the User logon after deleting the User Account for the Police and prosecutor's office and the data necessary to settle the services performed until their settlement.


The website uses information stored using cookies and similar technologies for advertising, gathering and computing statistics, and helping us to adapt our service to the individual needs of users. Cookies can also be used by the entities cooperating with our service. As a part of registering process, User consents to the use of cookies and storing them in the memory of their browser.
One can change the settings related to cookies in their browser. Cookies can be deactivated or completely disabled. Disabling cookies may, however, result in the inability to use all service options.