Regular Jeans Trousers 01 Scan with Textures

€100.00 €100.00
Data Set
Cleaned High-Resolution Scan
Cleaned low-poly ready for animation with base UV unwrapped

ZTL (Zbrush 4R7 P3 or higher) 7x Subdivision Levels ,base UV unwrapped
Decimated OBJ (100k triangles)
Low-poly (10960 Tris)with UV unwrapped in OBJ and FBX format

Texture maps:
Normal map -4k
Albedo -4k
Glossines -2k
specular - 2k
All Additional maps 4k
Detail stitches -4k
Jeans_detal_BaseColor -2k
Jeans_detal_normal 256x256
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